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What are you trusting in?

Isn’t it odd, that for very many of us the thing we most trust in is stamped with the phrase, “In God we trust.” Maybe we have placed our trust in God, spiritually. But we must admit that out attitude towards money holds a large sway in our life. Maybe we are functionally trusting in money.

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In This Season of Passion

In this beginning of the season of passion, examining the final days of the life of Jesus, His atoning death and His victorious resurrection let us follow Him with wisdom and passion.

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Overcome Fear With Love

I pray for your people Lord, that they will overcome fear with the weapons of Holy Spirit Power, the Love of Christ and a Wise & Sound mind and to know that Hope is more powerful than Fear.

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Coming Up

The Spot – Middle School Youth

  February 21 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Our youth ministry at First Assembly can be described with one word: RESCUE. Rescue is a word that implies saving, but also is defined as “preserving”. We want to see teens get involved and stay involved.

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M.E.G.A. Men Meeting

  February 22 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Here’s what you’ll find at M.E.G.A Men: men who face the same battles you do, fellowship, accountability and a band of brothers you can count on.

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