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Truth for a Changed Life

What is the primary truth that can we be thankful for in regards to yesterday’s 500 year Reformation anniversary? “For by grace you have been saved through faith…”

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Remembering Years

Lord thank you for reminding me to REMEMBER! Remembering that almost 40 years ago I came to know You as Lord & Savior. That 39 years ago TODAY
I married Renee, my wife, best friend, mother of 4 amazing children, and partner in ministry for over 3 decades. Remembering 25 years ago (just a few weeks ago) you gave me the privilege to Pastor the most incredible church Family in DeLand of Faith, Hope and Charity.

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All on One

Lord-That all may know, It is not “all for one” but rather “all on One”. All our sin put on the Son of God. It is not an “earned income” but a free gift!

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