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Men Must Shine

Pastor Modica speaks to us from Isaiah 60:1-2 about men arising and shining and what fatherhood looks like.

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Eph 5 speaks to us about what the controlling theme or principle in your life. What you most value and most worship will be what exerts most influence in your life. Do you want to be under the influence of anything or do you want to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit?

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Vested in the Holy Spirit

Pastor Modica speaks to us about the gift of the Holy Spirit from Psalm 51.

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Invested in the King

Peter Tepper challenges asks us to analyze what areas of our life Jesus is King and into what situations He would have us carry His glory.

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Investing in an Orphan Culture

We live in an orphan culture. God has adopted us so that we can reintroduce humanity to the Fatherhood of God.

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