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Sermons on “A.D.”

The End is the Beginning

Paul is shipwrecked on Malta. God delivers him. We only need a miracle when we actually need one.

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Here We Go Again

Paul is brought before Festus. He speaks of the unshakeable nature of his faith. It is the resurrection that makes reality able to be understood.

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Passing the Bitter Water Test

Paul is brought before Felix. Falsely accused, he chooses to respond with grace. He passes the bitter water test.

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The Confidence of Truth Defended

Pastor Mike Modica unpacks Acts 22-23 where Paul is brought before the Sanhedrin and then also a Roman tribune.

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Persistence : The Whole Truth So Help Me God

Pastor Mike Modica unpacks Acts 20 where Paul tells the Ephesian church that he will always speak the message of the Gospel clearly, but with tact and respect.

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The Action Christian

Mike Modica preaches on Paul speaking about The Action Christian from Acts 18:22-19:7

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Unknown Places and Unknown Gods

Mike Modica preaches on Paul speaking about unknown Gods from Acts 17:1-3.

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