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Sermons on “Mark”

values compass


One of our central values at First Assembly is People. What if laying yourself down and becoming a doormat meant that you were a doormat for people to find the threshold of heaven? Jesus was full of compassion with the end goal of connection.

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The Time of Crucifixion

When we say Jesus died on the cross, do we understand the importance and meaning of the crucifixion?

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The People

The main thing Jesus left the world with was not philosophy or set of rules it was a community.

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The Cost

To many his death seems nonsensical or perhaps even barbaric. For others it is just nice sentimentality. Jesus’ death is far more meaningful and far more loving that we could ever imagine.

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Kicking Out Unbelief

Doubts will never disqualify you from God. Doubts are always on the edge of Glory.

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The Power

Jesus has power to calm the storms of our life. This kind of power inspires wonder and brings peace.

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The Word

Words are Alive, Reliable, Personal, and Powerful. Words put the universe into motion. Words create and destroy. Michelle Tepper unpacks “Why should I read the Bible?”

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The Healing

It is impossible for Jesus to have any effect on our life unless we discover who he really is. In this talk we unpack our deepest need of healing is that of forgiveness.

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