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Sermons on “John”

Are You Parched?

God calls us into a living, vibrant relationship. Communion and fellowship with Him brings life to every aspect of our life. This is what Jesus spoke about when he said, “Come to me all who are thirsty.”

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Invest in Life, Invest in Christ

Invest in life. Choose to pour yourself into the unexpected encounters of life just as Jesus did with the official and his sick son. Allow interruptions to let God’s grace flow everywhere.

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Invested in the King

Peter Tepper challenges asks us to analyze what areas of our life Jesus is King and into what situations He would have us carry His glory.

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A Spark for Revival

Pastor Modica speaks to us about the Samaritan woman at the well as we see what the spark for revival in her city was.

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Not Lost – Part 2

In this Back to School Sunday – Part 2, Pastor Nate Buker walks us through what the feelings of being alone and lost in this world are like. God knows us deeply and intimately because he is everywhere and all powerful, we are never hopeless nor alone.

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