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The Outsider

Jesus heart is for ALL people. He came to save those who were excluded. Those who were the outsiders, the down and out. You could say we all were outsiders. God, He is the ultimate insider. and. yet. He gives up everything becomes one of us. Crosses the barriers of race, class, gender religion. And rescues. All in the name of Love.

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Heart for All People

I want you to think of groups or communities you may belong to. Each one has certain requirements you have to meet before you can belong. 

In some groups you have to behave a certain way and in others you have to believe a certain way. What requirement do you think is necessary to belong?

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Behold The Lamb

Something is not truly enjoyed until it is praised. As much as that is the case with simple pleasures in life. It is even more so the case with the one who is Joy himself. When you discover who Jesus is you cannot help but tell people to behold his beauty.

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