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Author Archive: Peter Tepper

Seek A Name for Ourselves

Names are very useful, they define objects and subjects. They tell us what things are or what they are not. Exodus is the greek name for this book. The Hebrew title of Exocdus is “Names.” We all seek a name. We all wish to be immortalized.

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Forget You

More often than not, I discover that a lot of the stress in my life is due to forgetfulness. I forget who God is. I forget what he has done in my life. I forget what he has done collectively for his Church.

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I Have Come

I have come is a declaration of purpose. Though more ink has been spilled by commentators focusing on Jesus’ relation to the Torah and Matthew’s understanding of Jesus and the Torah, few scholars have gleaned the cosmic importance that Matthew gives to this passage. Jesus came with a purpose and a desired end. He came that we may have life.

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Our King

A friend of mine by the name of Wayne once told me it is impolite to ask “What did you do that landed you in prison?” The proper social tact is to ask, “What did they accuse you of doing?” Obviously the first question implies that they are guilty, the second one implies a wrongful charge. Jesus was accused of being, “Our King.”

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And He became a Living Being

Everyday we interact in a subtle, imperceptible and stunning way with God. The universe functions and flourishes because of God’s continual exercise of power and love. God breathed life into us, but that was not the end of it. Every day he is breathing life into us and sustaining us.

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Tempted in Every Way

Over this Lenten season reflect on the glory of the incarnation. Jesus didn’t just come to die for you, he came to live for you. During the next 40 some days we will be posting up a series of devotionals aimed at preparing our hearts to engage with what Easter is all about. Easter is first and foremost about hope.

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